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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  January 29, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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dark. >> it was treacherous. there were probably 20 or 30 cars every yard you past. school buses with kids on them. >> stuck on a school bus. i don't get home to my parents, i'm going to freak out. >> other spend the night in schools, stores, or their cars. >> people ran out of gas. ofres claiming they are out food. >> officials blame the meteorologists. serviceational weather had their modeling showing the city of atlanta would not be the primary area where the storm would hit. it would be south. >> others said they knew it was coming and blew it by opening schools in the first place and telling everyone to go home and the same time.
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making it virtually impossible for salt and plan trucks to treat the roads. the atlanta mayor admitted they should have staggered those school government and business closings. the storm has caused six traffic several governors have declared states of emergency. >> amazing. incredible. outily, we are about to get of this deep freeze. >> finally. doug hill is in the weather center with a check on the forecast. >> we are not in a position to declare winter over but at least this latest arctic air is coming to an end after tonight. it is 23. it lets give you a beautiful image, snow in spotsylvania, a few inches. gunn the shot this morning. the heaviest snow was south of the region.
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fredericksburg, 3.5. less,ody else, somewhat as we expected. 9/10 of an inch. temperatures are cold but not as cold as they have been. 18 in gaithersburg. 26 in the nation's capital. evening, we will drop into the teens and overnight we will show the numbers dropping between two and 14, light wind, and there is a warming trend ahead. we will highlight that in our seven day coming up in a couple of minutes. >> it is a good thing there is a warm-up because the current told taking a toll. stephen tschida have damage from the prolonged arctic blast. >> the cold weather is taking a toll on a lot of people, emotionally and physically and on infrastructure. underground and aboveground, older buildings and new are town homes like these.
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we continue to see water mains rupture in these cold temperatures. crews across the region are scrambling to repair dozens of shadow lines while motorists maneuver around the construction. it is not only underground lines aching a beating. >> it was in the middle of the day. >> a burst water pipe in the haddock of this holding caused major problems. carryingfound movers furniture. it appears the damage is so severe, the occupants of all of these apartments will not be coming home. >> everyone is ok. all of the animals are ok. of people are waking up to frozen water pipes. some luck here than others. >> we went and investigated underneath the house. nothing burst. >> it is happening in older buildings as well. a broken line left to this building saturated. this in one condominium
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complex. because of so many shattered water lines, residents are supposed to keep their water on, but just a little bit. >> you keep it on a warm setting. don't turn it on full blast. but don't keep it completely off. it will freeze the pipes. >> says they have had some broken homes, the water should be running, or at least trickling. at least until the water warms up. stephen tschida, abc 7 news. >> thank you. you can stay connected to abc 7 by downloading our app or following us on facebook and twitter. >> investigation is growing into why firefighters ignored a woman after her father had a heart attack across the street from the fire house. he died while waiting for help and now the situation.
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sam ford is outside of that house with the very latest. >> a lot of the action seems to just here butnot anywhere you get into a crisis, a fire high school help you and even here, they had the personnel in the training and other equipment. apparently somebody lacked the will. with one firefighter hiding her face, members of the group who staffed the house were back on duty for the first time today as investigators roamed the area between the firehouse and the shopping center across the street. 77-year-old cecil mills collapsed from a heart attack and died. his daughter said despite their pleas for help, firefighters refused to leave the firehouse. should have to experience what i experienced. this is their job. if you can't have a job where
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protocol is pushed to the side when a person is in your face. >> during a news conference, the toor said he called mills apologize had rejected the notion there was an excuse. >> common sense and common decency would have said you go to somebody in distress. >> the mayor deputy said investigators are questioning 15 people. we are doing everything can to find out what the facts are. we determine that, then we will act appropriately. >> workers were called in. >> you have to come out and help. there was a gentleman there. was coming. >> some say it makes them lose confidence in the fire department. >> i would rather ask a stranger to help me. stop the car or something. neighbor, take me to
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the hospital. also part of an investigation, an ambulance went to 13th in rhode island northwest. not to northeast where we are now and they are supposed to be protocol to prevent that. employee ofwas an the d.c. government, still working at age 77 when he died. sam ford, abc 7 news. >> thank you, sam. police have released details in the deadly shooting at the columbia mall. officers believe the shotgun used in the shooting was broken down in a backpack when he entered the mall and then reassembled in the dressing room. police say the shot and killed two others before killing himself. 's does not have video cameras so there are not footage of the shooting.
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to findators are trying any connection to the victims. investigators said they need to do some more interviews before releasing the contents of the journal they found but they say that he did know he was having mental health issues. appeared before the senate today to talk about the target security breach. discuss specific matters, but i can confirm the investigating the breach involving the united states retailer target. we are committed to working to find not only the perpetrators of these data breaches, but any individuals and groups who by credit cardta fraud. >> hackers stole 70 million debit and credit card numbers and other personal information. target is working with the secret service. up thes after wrapping state of the union, president obama hit the road to take his
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message to the american public. in maryland he talked about minimum wage. scott thuman has a look at how the speech is being perceived. >> it is always interesting when the president hits the road to send a message here at home. trying to exert pressure on congress. people areillion earning the equivalent of minimum rage or -- minimum wage or less. he wants them to have a raise. >> the president was really looking for support in his new push to raise the minimum wage nationwide. 10 dollars $.10 an hour. >> the economy has been growing. stock profits have soared. but wages and incomes of ordinary people have not gone up in over a decade. are pretty wage has got to
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go. >> outside the call for more was loud and clear. >> no one can live on seven anlars $25 an hour -- $7.25 hour. >> while the president will raise the rate for new workers under federal contracts, he can't affect the rest of the country, not without congress. so he is looking for other methods. there, ifybody out you want to take the initiative to raise your minimum wage to help more hard-working americans make ends meet, i'm going to be at your side. all congress decides whether it is going to raise the minimum wage, people outside of washington are not waiting and i'm not either. >> so why is he facing opposition? why do some republicans disagree? we will talk about that tonight and we will discuss something president's the
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plan for saving money. reporting live on capitol hill, scott thuman, abc 7 news. we will see you then. the president thought upstaged by something that happened after his speech. here the confrontation between a reporter and a congressman and it is going viral. you will hear who is apologizing. >> wwf on the capital. catchingour side after a postal worker throwing a box. >> he basically said shut up or i will shoot you. >> a suspected robber is busted in montgomery county. see the surveillance video that helped catch him. >> and the sick cruise ship returns to code today.
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. it is 77 degrees where we are
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from. it is a good change. to the bitterused temperatures agreed. >> if it were warmer it would be more fun. >> the youngest of fans braved the elements. even if they were less certain about who they were cheering for. >> umm, seattle. seahawks. >> clearly the super bowl is recruiting fans early. coming up, we will give you a look at a former redskin who is achieving so much success now. britt mchenry, abc 7 news. >> you should have nailed that field goal. a seattle's couples love for the seahawks and spires and awed middle name for their daughter. odd middle name for their daughter.
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the 12th manafter cheering section. >> seriously? ok. >> they're going to love for in seattle. her in seattle. >> coming up, caught on camera. tosses aservice worker homeowner's package. how the post office is responding. >> and we will be going to atlanta as the national guard moves in to help. >> a simple cupcake ordered turns into a violent robbery.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 5. captioned by the national captioning institute say this ford-year- old prayed on businesses and pedestrians in downtown wheaton. kevin lewis is live with surveillance video showing the attacks. kevin. records,ing to court sanders is well known in the area and he cultivated quite a unique a mile -- a unique mo. talking tosay he was people on his cell phone. that includes here at the bakery where the visit was well documented. as this person
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orders to cupcakes at the chicago bakery that is the clerk boxes is treats, he again found a handgun, switching his order to every dime in the register. >> i saw the gun. i was terrified. >> the manager acted on impulse. run,mething was saying run. >> while she screamed for help, sanders snagged a second clerk from the back room, forcing her to open the register with a gun pressed to her neck. he could have pulled the trigger. thank god he did not. >> investigators say sanders robbed a man outside of this restaurant. >> this is not civilized the baby -- uncivilized behavior. he is waiving it. >> that long barreled gun clearly visible in his right hand. he can be seen tossing the clerk
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a shopping bag which she feels with $170 and cigarettes. no forgiveness for that at all. he should be locked up. >> it is something that has affected me a lot. i do not feel safe. it is bad. >> an undercover task force ultimately caught sanders recently. he already has a lengthy rap sheet and is facing more than 230 years in prison. lewis, abc 7 news. video.ifying thank you for that story. a scary scene inside of a local electronic store. a gunman shot a store employee. it happened this morning at aida's electronics. officers say the gunman entered the store and there was some sort of dispute and that is when
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the employee was shot in the chest. he was conscious and breathing as he was taken to the hospital. police are not saying if a was a robbery. >> breaking news coming in tonight out of hyattsville where a car has crashed into a dollar store. this is annapolis road. no word on what happened. police are investigating. video from a home security camera captures a not so special delivery. watch as you see a letter carrier pull into the driveway and toss the box toward the door. the resident said inside was a computer router. it does appear to work. we alerted the post office and in a statement they said we apologize for the unprofessional and uncharacteristic service. this behavior is unacceptable and does not represent the carriersur letter
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provide our customers. we have taken appropriate action to ensure this will not happen again. see something you need help with, send an e-mail to and then we will get the team on top of it for you. >> time now for a check on the traffic tonight. hi, bob. >> a very uneventful rush-hour so far. 20 of volume, that is for sure. southbound 295, a crash. the 66, volume delays. 270, not doing too badly. some volume up into germantown. northbound, and the ramp is closed. that has been going on most of the day. it remains closed tonight. beltway traffic for prince george's county is heavy but let's take a look at some
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cameras. the beltway, plenty of volume wayno incidents along the and on 66, heading west, and again, slow headed out toward centreville. that is the way it looks. back to you. >> we are experiencing a normal commute but it was anything but normal in atlanta. >> you are exactly right. snow and ice left thousands stranded on the road. some of them spent the night in their cars and others abandoned their vehicles and walked home. are in atlanta tonight checking in to give us a sense of what is going on. are there people still in their cars at this hour? >> believe it or not, there are hundreds of motorists stranded outside. i spoke to one woman who was in afterr or than 23 hours starting her journey. everybody has a story of being stuck in traffic. i was stuck for four hours just to go six miles.
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a lot of people are saying the city was not prepared. youhave lived here come the used to live here. you know the city only get severe weather every few years. the last time we had something like this was in 2011 and many residents say you would think atlanta would have learned a lesson from the last time but this time it is worse. residents isging where the governor and the mayor were at the height of the storm. them were at an awards forheon received an award being the 2014 georgian of the year. a lot of people were critical of that award. you're probably right. i have not seen anything like that since i was there in 2000. what are you getting a sense of right now about who is getting the most blame? that is right, some residents
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are blaming themselves saying they did not heed the warning. our meteorologist in atlanta up indid this event with it -- atlanta predicted this event would happen. some people in areas that are more accustomed to getting this type of weather events, they may laugh saying 1-3 inches should not shut down a city but it is the icy conditions. there was a lack of resources, putting out plows. that left a lot of people stranded and everybody hitting the road of the same time, poor coordination among businesses. as well as schools closing at the same time, with one million people hitting the road, all racing to get home. it really caused a mess. ok. s in atlanta. take it easy. in atlanta.ncia
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take it easy. what you need to check on your credit card statement. >> in our community. make fashion dreams come true. >> and tonight, look at this. shorts comingin to the rescue of drivers stranded on ice covered roads.
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trying to encourage the next generation of girls to become business savvy by focusing on one of her passions, fashion. meet the founder of the fashionista entrepreneur academy. nine-year-old kennedy once the world to know she has a style all her own. i made something called jewelry-itis. >> it combines her passion for fashion with her passion for business. >> connie watched the program back in 2010.
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she uses fashion to teach a business. >> that is the perfect engine to help them learn, science, math, technology. it does not matter. when you integrate that passion, it is going to stick with them. at this session, the girls are designing headbands. them are going to wear because the theme today is fitness. >> they are learning the importance of being physically and mentally fit. >> if you want to go into business, you can't just the physically fit, your mind has to be right. >> it can be running or on your bike. >> they test out some self defense moves. and get their hearts pumping doing zumba. granddaughterer is learning some important life skills. , it is all coming
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together. >> the academy meets once a students already three have launched their own design business is. they are well on their way. >> and having a lot of fun. thanks. is on your side with the specific number you should be looking for on your credit card statement to protect yourself from scammers. fests are up in d.c.
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>> cell phone thefts are up but there is something being done. >> kris van cleave has new surveillance video. guy in the rede coat. he comes racing off this train after snatching a cell phone. moments later, he hops the turnstile and disappears. in capitol heights, a camera
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catches a crime as it happens. he waits until the train doors open and runs. theft involving personal electronic devices happened 603 times in 2013. that is a fraction of the total picture. police say robberies dropped last year but phone robberies jumped 6.1% and phone thefts, 20%. any are preventable. pay moreple could attention to where they said their phone. set their phone. >> here the suspect rips a phone out of her hand as the bus is stopped. >> do you give it much thought, where you get your phone out? >> when i am walking somewhere, and i do not pay attention with, but if i'm on the metro, i will be on my phone. >> i monitor my phone at all
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times. with crimes like these on the chief is a leading proponent of a cell phone blacklist. >> there is still a huge black market opportunity. until that starts to dry up, people need to pay attention. >> a few trends that stand out the vasts data, majority of crimes happen on the train or platform. very few on the bus. 69% of the victims were women prefer theeves iphone. we have more online at kris van cleave, abc 7 news. turning now to a consumer alerts, the better business bureau is urging americans to check their credit and debit ofds for unexplained charges $9.84. these are charging thousands of
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--ds smaller amount since instead of trying to still larger amounts. >> doug hill has been using one of our favorite four letter words this week. mild. >> we love hearing mild. >> we have that coming. right now and three outside of the weather center. let's go to the rooftop. check this time lapse. but snowsnotty -- ice, over the top. tribmmble sentce beautiful images -- sent us, beautiful images. 6.5 inches this morning in lusby. lesser amounts as you work north and west. will see our temperatures drop, the overnight raids, clear skies, we could see snow cover
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south of town. that is one cold night. tomorrow night the low will be equal to our daytime high. you see the warming trend, and then it gets messy on sunday, monday, tuesday. they be a few flakes. i will take it. definitely based on how it has been so cold all month long. that is the latest. back to you. >> we have a team from miami in town. >> welcome to d.c. >> tim brant is standing by. that sounds nice. miami. maryland and miami tonight. i will announce the game. eacheams that mirror other, the head coach of the hurricanes and mark surgeon is here trying to get maryland over the hump. they did play better but he wants his guys to man up better. he wants the big guys to rebound
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better. the entire team has to defend because it really has been frustrating. >> i think we have gotten better since north carolina. practices have been better. our understanding has been better. it has tested all of our patients. >> the head coach, game time, 9:00 and i will call the action. four days until super bowl xlviii. britt mchenry has in there and she spent some time with champ bailey from the washington redskins. now with the denver broncos. frenzy, champa bailey looked as steady as he does on the field. >> i'm an optimist. things are going to work out. >> he began his career in washington. he has no hard feelings for his former team. .> i was fortunate
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they are a great organization. things did not work out. i was blessed to go to an even better organization. >> while much of the attention send -- ascenders on another veteran, he is pleased with his 15 years in the league. >> you have to avoid injury, believe in your game, always think it is not good enough. keep wishing yourself. i have never been complacent about why game. >> that mindset has not gone unnoticed. >> as you get older in this business, you have been in the game so long, i.t. takes all of the risks. >> clearly, champ bailey has had haveame effect veterans had for the redskins. coming up at 6:00, we will examine the rise of richard sherman and what players are saying about him. sports.henry, abc 7 new
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>> also coming
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>> a second grader is being credited with saving her family's lives. she learned how to recognize an emergency from school. jennifer don newman is live with her story. -- jennifer donelan is live with her story. >> children actually listen to to her family, the seven-year- old is a hero. gradernight, the second was in her kitchen when she heard a pop and flames started shooting out of the bottom of the stove. >> they were in the kitchen. they could have caught on fire. >> the stove was now filled with fire. her young daughter did what she was taught in school.
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>> i went to the ground. evacuated her mother, her son, while calling 911. >> they smelled the smoke and they saw something was wrong. they said something. they were not quiet about it. quite set was brave of you. >> her principal told the she credits the d.c. police officers. >> he talks to these kids all the time. police, fire, ambulance. andbviously the of i stuck a little girl knew just what to do in a grown-up situation. >> i am proud of her. >> there is another member of iss family, the brother who very protective. he tried to extinguish the flames. mom got everybody out the apartment. they were worried about the neighbors who lived above the men next tour. the fire department got on the scene quickly. -- who lived above and next
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door. the fire department got on the scene quickly. >> that is it for us at 5:00. >> the news continues right now at 6:00. >> live from the abc 7 broadcasting center, this is abc 7 news at 6. >> the aftermath of a winter storm that brought chaos to the south. at least five people are dead after the storm left to tens of thousands stuck for hours in traffic all children were forced to spend the night in schools. the same system responsible for the mess in the south brought a dusting of snow to this area. >> and while that's not what just a little bit more than an inconvenience for us, the bitter cold weather continues to cause damage. we have a look at that. we know the infrastructure is the first to go. we know two of the units had issues with pipes. another building we visited were folks had to move out.
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clear skies, sun blazing, but cold. who had toor some leave their home because of broken water pipes. much worse, down south. standstill in several states, from georgia to louisiana. commuters trying to be the storm found themselves stuck on highways. this is 3:00 a.m. in atlanta. , people waiting 8, 10, even 12 hours to get home. the mayor reported post to 800 car accidents. he took a lot of heat for the chaos. would definitely stagger all of the closings think would make more with the business community, the local school system in the state. at a hometook shelter depot. at least five people died in cks inr related wre alabama. >> people need


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